3 Ways to Check My Paragraph Free

I used to worry about how I could check my paragraph free. I knew that I can hire a professional editor to help me, but, as a student, my budget didn’t allow me to do hire one. So I look for other options. Free options.

The one that I found that helped the most was using an online paragraph grammar checker to revise my writing. It also helped me save time as it displayed results within seconds. Plus, I improve my writing skills with it. Do you want to know how? You’ll find it here!

10 Types of Paragraph Mistakes

Before we move on to the mistakes the tool can fix, you should know about the most common errors in writing.

Many people make these mistakes when writing a paragraph. Take note of them.

  1. Punctuation. Commas are one of the most misused punctuation marks.
  2. Run-on sentences. If you forget to place a comma before a coordinating conjunction, you will have a wrong sentence.
  3. Coherence. Each sentence in your text should be linked coherently to the next one. This will create a readable paper.
  4. Grammar. You can use a grammar tool to avoid making this type of mistake.
  5. Sentence fragments. Don’t forget to include a subject in your sentence.
  6. Vocabulary. Make sure you pick the right words for your paper.
  7. Subject-verb agreement. This may seem pretty obvious, but many people have this wrong.
  8. Wordiness. If your paragraph has more words than it should, you should edit it.
  9. Spelling. You can do a spell check paragraph with an online tool.
  10. Squinting modifiers. Ensure that the modifier is next to the word it should modify or it would be wrong.

3 Ways That I Use to Check My Paragraph Free

When I was trying to figure out how to check my paragraph for errors, I found some methods to be more effective than others. After I compared them all, I made this list with the three ways that I use. Take note of them:

  1. I spell check my paragraph with an online tool. It helps me save time and ensures that I’ve written everything correctly.
  2. I proofread my paragraph once I’ve finished writing it. I plan ahead and dedicate a few minutes to this step.
  3. I use a grammar check paragraph tool to ensure that my sentences are coherent and free of grammar mistakes.

Examples of Different Grammar Mistakes

I learn to fix my paragraph for free by analyzing examples with grammar mistakes.

These can help you too:

  • Incorrect: I went to the supermarket yesterday I bought different things. I told John there was no food at home and that he had to wait for me because I had groceries in the car.
  • Correct: I went to the supermarket yesterday; I bought different things. I told John there was no food at home, and that he had to wait for me because I had groceries in the car.


  • Incorrect: She like reading books and magazines. It are one of her favorite pastimes. I enjoys it too.
  • Correct: She likes reading books and magazines. It is one of her favorite pastimes. I enjoy it too.


  • Incorrect: You can learn how to build a dollhouse by watching online videos on YouTube as you can find great videos to teach you on that site.
  • Correct: Watching online videos on YouTube is a great way to learn how to build a dollhouse. On that site, you can find great videos.

I Didn’t Know How to Check My Paragraph for Errors until I Used This Tool

If you are like me, memorizing all the writing rules seems impossible. Luckily, you don’t have to do it. All you need to check your writing is an online tool. And that’s why I use it all the time. It helps me correct the different mistakes in my paper easily and quickly. This tool also provides accurate results so I can trust it will create a better text.

This Online Tool Can Help You Fix These Errors

When I correct my paragraph mistakes with this online tool, I am completely sure that it fixes all the mistakes in my paper. It can adapt to the context of my text and locate the specific errors in my writing.

The tool can correct paragraph structure, grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as typos and vocabulary errors. It also suggests ways to fix them so I learn and improve my writing skills too.

I’m glad I can check my paragraph free with this online tool. You should try it now!